EESTEC Spring Congress – Krakow 2018

From 15th to 20th of April, we had our yearly spring congress in one of our lovely Local Committees(LC), LC Krakow to review all the work that our international board, international teams, LCs made during the whole year and make important decisions on the behalf of EESTEC’s future. In our general meetings, first, we reviewed and approved our international board’s report. After that we listened to the presentations of the international teams about what they have done so far in order to enhance EESTEC, their projects and events for the past year. Schedule is followed by the LC  presentations, we made sure that everything is all right in our LCs. For the future of EESTEC we reviewed and decided on our Strategic Plan for the next 5 years. Also some offers are made and discussed to change the regulations in our Rules of Procedure(RoP). Besides general meetings, we had trainings and working sessions to enlarge our awareness in EESTEC and to improve our weak LCs. Finally we selected our new international board for the next year and we were finished with the general meetings until the next autumn congress. But of course we didn’t settle for only the meetings nor the trainings. There were lots of amazing parties every night! We had even an IMW(International Motivational Weekend) right after the congress. What is IMW? It is a weekend which is full of fun! Only chilling, partying and playing games. The biggest party was a traditional Polish weeding without the groom and bride. How interesting! I believe that this is the EESTEC spirit because we don’t need any excuse to do something fun. All we need is motivated young EESTECers!

Belen C. – Participant