Aixtec 4.0 Workshop

So what actually happened during our Aixtec 4.0 Workshop?

Beginning our event with an international night was not only an unforgettable experience, but also helped us explore the different customs and traditions brought by our international participants. 

However, there was one thing we had in common – our EESTEC-traditions such as celebrating with EESTEC-dances and… our motivation to learn new things.

Well the latter one was made possible thanks to the amazing lectures from both @huaweideutschland and @RWTHUniversity. 

Holding new prototypes of automotive power trains and power regulation units in our hands combined with the detailed explanations gave us the possibility to understand on a deeper level how next-gen systems achieve better efficiency and reliability.

Following was the visit to Huawei’s headquarter in Düsseldorf, where we explored the technical side of our connected world, namely how the communication systems operate.

On the last day of our workshop university employees presented their research at RWTH on how, with the help of smart algorithms, we can train AI more efficiently without compromises with the accuracy. We also learned how different cloud applications enable virtualisation and regulation of cloud/server resources. In our last lecture we looked forward into the technological transformation of our society.